Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Get wild in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

With a grand opening in 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest theme park in Walt Disney World. Within its 500 acres you can find about 1,700 animals from 250 different species. Setting the scene is a range of 3,000 species of plants that make up the more than 4 million trees, plants, shrubs, grasses, flowers and other landscaping that covers the park.

Rising up from the center of it all is the main icon and hub of the park: the Tree of Life. Reaching 14 stories into the sky and stretching 50 feet wide, the beautifully sculpted tree appears to have a gnarly trunk, but look closer. A team of artists worked together to design and sculpt nearly 400 animals into the tree’s framework.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is divided into seven areas where you will explore and learn about animals, nature, and conservation:

  • Oasis
  • Discovery Island
  • Camp Minnie-Mickey
  • Africa
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  • Asia
  • Dinoland, U.S.A.

A visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom will have you up close and personal with animals of Africa and Asia and looking straight into centuries past as you stare dinosaurs in the face. You can find your favorite Disney characters and get plenty of thrills from exciting attractions such as Expedition Everest – where a runaway train takes you wildly though the forbidden mountain in search of the Yeti.