Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Get star struck in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been showcasing movie magic from its opening day on May 1, 1989. The park transports you into the glitz and glamor of Hollywood in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Buildings decked in chrome with pops of neon lights highlight the art deco style of the era. Stepping into the park is your backstage pass to movies, music and television.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers some of Walt Disney Worlds best thrill rides as well as stunt shows, Broadway-style musicals and plenty of Disney characters to meet and greet! Additionally, street performers mingle with guests throughout the day. Disney calls them the “Citizens of Hollywood.” On your way to your next attraction you may find yourself walking amongst a director setting a scene, gossip columnists , young Hollywood starlets, and many others that will have you bursting out laughing.

Unlike the rest of Disney’s main theme parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not divided into “lands,” or areas. Instead you navigate the park on streets such as Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, and Commissary Lane. All streets lead you to the hub of the park where the main icon of the park – Sorcerer Mickey’s hat, greets guests. Reaching over 120 feet into the air and decorated with a golden moon and stars, the giant blue hat rests on a set of Mickey’s Ears and Mickey’s hand tips the hat up to guests.

It’s an action packed day when you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you are sure to leave a movie star!