Hello October!


Vinlymation on the windowsill.

Vinlymation on the windowsill.

Hello October! How did you sneak in here? I swear I had my eyes wide open, but I blinked, and now I find September gone again and October 3 days old. I also discovered it’s been almost two weeks since I blogged!

**Radio Silence…….**

Sorry about that. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my hubby and I just bought our first house! Exciting as it is, it has taken over my life. Built circa 1900, as you can imagine, the house needs a fair amount of TLC. We moved in and things were everywhere. It’s been driving me nuts. Cluttered space, cluttered mind – if you ask me. AND to top it off, getting our internet provider to provide us with internet seemed almost as difficult as a summit of Mt. Everest. But all is well now. Our stuff is out of storage, the internet is working, and I have painted and mostly set up my new studio/office space. Enjoy pictures to your left.

I am particularly enjoying having access to my Disney Parks coffee mugs again. Hubby and I are both coffee people. We love it. We grind our beans at home every morning and brew plenty for us both. I love to sip while I blog. I really think coffee is half the reason I choose to blog first thing in the morning. We bought this set of mugs on our honeymoon. There is a blue mug featuring Mickey, the green with Minnie, a yellow mug with Donald, and a brown mug with Goofy. I choose a different mug each morning depending on which character my mood most resembles. I chose Minnie this morning because I was feeling perky and ready to get some work done. As a side note, I love these new mugs I have seen on the Disney Store website. They have finally made a VIP character set to include Pluto!! Want them.

Anyway, the combination of my brief hiatus with my new space has really left me itching to blog. Fortunately, October is a very busy month at Walt Disney World with plenty to talk about. The first big happening is Epcot’s kick off of the 18th annual Food and Wine Festival. Secondly, Magic Kingdom is decked for Halloween and Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party is in full swing. Each of these amazing events will have its own post over the next week – so stay tuned!

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