M.M. – Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar

DSC05026Pictured above my friends, is pure happiness. A perch in the shade with my favorite ice cream treat in the ENTIRE WORLD: Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar. Welcome back to MUNCHY MONDAY, the tastiest day of the week.

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar:


Perfection. A frozen serving of silky, creamy vanilla ice cream covered with a thick, rich chocolate shell in the shape of the iconic Mickey ears.

IMG_0644Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar is a whole-lotta-name. My family and I usually just call it a Premium Bar, and I’ll treat you all like one of the gang and refer to it as such here. Sold exclusively by Disney, we can thank Nestle for bringing this delight to us. The bar comes packaged in a red, blue, and white wrapper featuring a smiling Mickey face. (You can see the wrapper stuck under my cup in the picture above.) Now-a-days you can find a Premium Bar just about anywhere on Walt Disney World property. They’re available at all theme parks, as well as Downtown Disney, from an ice cream cart. You won’t have to trek far in any park to find one of these carts set up with a big, blue umbrella and a sign displaying what goodies it offers. You may also be able to find a Premium Bar in the food court of your WDW Resort Hotel. Just ask a cast member if your hotel serves them up.

IMG_0645 Now that you know where to find them, let’s talk strategy. Everyone has a different approach to how they eat a Premium Bar. Hubby, as seen to the left, digs right in, biting off an ear. He prefers to enjoy the chocolate & vanilla flavors together in bites. I’m not really a bite-my-ice cream kinda gal. I like to savor the ice cream slowly as it melts. So I very carefully eat the chocolate shell first and then eat the vanilla ice cream layer by softly melting layer. You can see below, how I’ve already got the side of the chocolate coating off, exposing the vanilla ice cream. My strategy also makes the Premium Bar last longer. Win.

DSC05027Like Pineapple Dole Whip, I shamelessly eat more than one of these during a WDW trip. I simply love them. They’re the ideal treat – sweet, cool, and refreshing. Incidentally, I’ve discovered that despite of the countless hours I’ve spent at Walt Disney World and the many, many times I’ve enjoyed this treat, I have very few pictures of it. I will say that this reason is probably two pronged. Firstly, it’s so tasty you want to eat it immediately, and photographing it doesn’t really come into consideration. Secondly, we usually visit WDW in the summer. And it’s HOT. There is little-to-no time for snapping pictures before you start to have a melting mess on your hands. But the melting mess, especially when you’re a kid, is part of the fun.


One of My Favorite Snacks

There are about a million wonderful things about Disney World. Seriously. In a place that is twice the size of Manhattan, that contains 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water Parks, around 25 hotels, and over 100 restaurants, I’ll probably write a million posts easily.

But today, as I sit down to write my second true post, finding a place to begin talking about anything is seeming incredibly daunting. As I’ve been sitting here trying to decide what to talk about I’ve realized that I am hungry. And so, as my stomach is growling at me for an afternoon snack, it seems as though food will be where I begin.

One of my favorite Walt Disney World snacks is a Disney Parks Icon: The Mickey Premium Bar:

Mickey Premium Bars

These can be found all throughout Walt Disney World. Look for an ice cream cart located in the parks, usually under a large blue umbrella. If you don’t see one in your immediate view, walk 25 steps in any one direction and you’ll find one. This frozen treat in the shape of a Mickey head is a rich and creamy vanilla ice cream bar with a thick chocolate coating on the outside. So simple, yet so stinking delicious – especially when it’s hot as blazes outside. Everyone eats his or hers differently, but my technique is to each all of the chocolate coating off first, then slowly enjoy layer by layer of the vanilla ice cream as it slowly melts. If my fervent testimony isn’t enough, let me give you this fact: This is the most in demand snack at Walt Disney World. Yum.